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About Us

A Bit About Laura

Laura Lavoie has lived with dementia, in a home where her mother took care of her grandfather with no training or support.  She did a beautiful job of it, but it took its toll on her and her family

Laura has been working with people living with dementia for 25 years now.  Her passion and mission in life is to help those living with dementia both on the inside and on the outside. Help them understand the disease and how to live productive   and loving lives while still working with the real difficulties and  challenges that come along with dementia

She will offer real life teaching and training tailored to your specific needs, helping you to feel empowered again and able to work on continuing to build a new relationship with each other as well as supporting you along the way. 



I had been working in the field of dementia for over 20 years when I went to her first all day workshop in Boston and was introduced to Teepa Snow.  There were not words to describe just how much of a draw there was to this woman.  She was teaching and telling us all about people living with dementia (NOT suffering with) from the perspective of the person who had the disease.  She was talking about how we could make such a difference in their lives by getting the word out and becoming trainers and reaching out to communities and facilities to help them become better care partners - learning to do WITH someone instead of TO someone.  It was my first, among many, AH HA! moments as I immersed myself in the PAC™ Philosophy.  The ways in which we can absolutely assist someone, while still allowing that sense of independence.

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of interacting directly with Teepa, the  Founder of PAC™ (Positive Approach® to Care) during trainings to become a Certified Trainer, Engagement Leader and Consultant.  I didn't stop there either as I continued to learn and grow in my knowledge and awareness of dementia and how to keep it positive by becoming a PAC Mentor too!

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