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Laura Lavoie has lived with dementia, in a home where her mother took care of her grandfather with no training or support.  She did a beautiful job of it, but it took its toll on her and her family

Laura has been working with people living with dementia for 25 years now.  Her passion and mission in life is to help those living with dementia both on the inside and on the outside. Help them understand the disease and how to live productive   and loving lives while still working with the real difficulties and  challenges that come along with dementia

She will offer real life teaching and training tailored to your specific needs, helping you to feel empowered again and able to work on continuing to build a new relationship with each other as well as supporting you along the way. 

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  • Consultation

  • Training

    • Workshops

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    • Specific to you training session

  • Support

    • Monthly Support Group

    • Memory Cafe

    • Care for the Caregiver

  • Music and Art for person living with dementia and/or care partner


Assisted Living & Memory Care

  • In-Services

    • Effects of Social Isolation on People Living with Dementia

    • Erasing the Stigma

    • How to deal with difficult situations

    • and more

  • Engagement Training (2 Hour)

  • Engagement Room/Kit Creation

  • Workshops

    • 2 hour PAC™ workshop A

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    • 2 hour PAC™ workshop C

    • All Day workshop A,B and C

  • Creative Art and Music Programs: specialized and traditional

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  • How can I get help any time day or night?
    We are very fortunate to have the Alzheimer's Association's Helpline available to us at any time 24/7. If you are feeling overwhelmed at 3am, call them. If you only have an opportunity to get your thoughts together to call and ask about a support group listing at 11pm, call them. They will always listen and offer you help. You can call them at 800-272-3900 or go to the website where you could do an instant chat at:
  • How can I take care of myself and take care of my loved one too?
    It is incredibly important to take care of yourself first and foremost. Being a care partner can be an exhausting role, and you will need help along this journey. You quickly find out which friends and family will be there, but you will need more of a support system. There are many support groups, most of them via zoom currently which makes it easier for care partners. There are also programs, like one that I offer called "Care for the Caregiver" which is centered around you and your specific needs. Look in the resource section to find a link to support groups in your area.
  • My loved one is not able to do things as well as he/she once did, so we stay home most of the time, is this a good practice?"
    Socialization is key to persons living with dementia. Stimulation, engagement, being a part of a community, are all essential to helping them to not only have a richer life, but it allows them to have a sense of purpose and self worth. There are Memory Cafes available for you to attend together to begin with. If you would like more information regarding Memory Cafes, please feel free to email.


Laura’s training on dementia care is beyond excellent. She cares deeply for the individual with dementia as well as their families and caregivers. It truly does take a village!
That same care is evident with her hands on training. I was provided with printed material, suggestions for further reading , also hands on demonstration with a training partner. Laura provided me with skills to navigate a one on one relationship, as a volunteer, at a facility in Western Ma.  Your training doesn’t just stop, Laura is available to answer questions,give suggestions on an ongoing basis.

 I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to be trained and my volunteer experience.

Laura:  I can’t thank you enough for all the information and education on how dementia affects Mom’s brain.  As a result,  I can communicate more efficiently with her, and try to understand how she now communicates with me.  I know it will not get easier, but your help has been invaluable.
Thanks for everything.

Enjoyed very much my experience working with Laura during training for the initial rollout of the “Buddy” system she began at a large local independent and assisted living facility.  The volunteers were given excellent background information on how to recognize various traits associated with different types of dementia and associated mental or cognitive issues.  My experience with the “Buddy” system was very rewarding!

Joe D., volunteer

Bruce R. dedicated son

Carole D., Volunteer

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