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Fundamentals to Connecting to Your Loved One Living with Dementia Series

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Laura Lavoie and Krissy Wuerdeman, founder of That Place You Know, knew they were kindred spirits when they first met. Their training came from different sources (Laura trained with Teepa Snow's PAC™ Philosophy and Krissy with Naomi Feil's Validation Method ) but their underlying beliefs were the same: love, laughter, connection, engagement, kindness, dignity and respect are important words and should all be used when working with people living with dementia. They got together with Hudson CPTV and Peter Lanzillo in New Hampshire, via Zoom, and filmed a six part series entitled "Fundamentals to Connecting to Your Loved one Living with Dementia". The series focuses on a different topic each segment and we sincerely hope that it gives you some insight or added knowledge about this disease. Please note that the email address given within and at the end of the videos is no longer active, however you can reach Krissy if you click her link above and Laura here on this site. Laura is also no longer at her place of employment at that time and is now devoting all of her energy into ODL (Our Dementia Life).

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